About Pink Peppermint


A few things about me…

  • I’m a high school English teacher, mother of three gorgeous dog children, wife of an amazing man, and a Zumba addict.
  • Cooking and baking make me happy.  Sharing what I cook and bake makes me even more happy.  Teaching people how to cook and bake makes me positively ecstatic.
  • I have dreams of one day owning and operating a small bakery/coffee shop that specializes in cookies…kind of the small town bakery version of Cheers.
  • I’m horrible at saving money….which might be why the above dream has not yet come to fruition!
  • I am also have a cookbook purchasing addiction, which also may contribute to an inability to save money for the aforementioned small-town bakery.
  • I read voraciously, and carry my Nook Color with me everywhere.
  • I love to travel, especially with my hubby.
  • I really enjoy taking pictures…of everything…this sometimes annoys people.
  • I believe there is no more useful invention on the face of the planet than the Mason jar.
  • I’m happiest in my kitchen.  Sometimes I race in the door and start cooking or baking before I even change my clothes…it calms and centers me.
  • I love to hear from people who read my blog!  Please, check back often, leave comments, and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “About Pink Peppermint

  1. Erin…love your blog!! Pink Perppermint made me smile
    and I’d even pay you for that Peppermint Crinkle receipt….would you consider sharing with “Mama” Wing ???LOL…..I’ll promise to keep it a secret….just like I’ve always kept what you all did when you partied in High School a secret LOL!!

    • I’ll consider it Mama Wing! It may just show up in your inbox someday soon! As long as you keep it top secret, we’ll be all good!!! Thanks for checking out the site! I am having fun planning my cooking/baking and posts for each week. It gives me a creative outlet and, who know, maybe it’ll take me in a new direction!

  2. Although I was not “officially” following your blog (up until now), I have to say that I do check in often. Kristen Muscato posted something about the peppermint cookies on Facebook and I’ve been hooked ever since! I love the photography, writing and one of these days I’ll actually try some of the recipes! My kitchen underwent a complete remodel this summer and I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle.

    Great job! Looking forward to future posts!

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