Day 6

I am almost through my first week of the Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy 28 day program. Amping myself up for the Day 5 workout was something of a miracle, but I did it. With some positive self talk, and a desire not to let myself fail, I peeled myself out of the chair (it was so cozy), and got myself on the mat.

I am so happy I did, and I am proud of myself for not giving in to the “I’m tired” voice that was trying to talk me out of tonight’s very short workout.

Tonight was all about the poses in her sequence and focusing on breathing. We forget how important and helpful deep and mindful breathing can be. It gets me though tough yoga classes, calms me in times of stress, helps me stop and think before I say something mean or hurtful, and helps me to really pause and take in beautiful surroundings when I’m spending time outside.

Seriously…you should try it. Just breathe.

If you make a habit of it – of real, deep breathing, you’ll feel yourself slow down, calm down, and you’ll notice some truly beautiful things in this world if you would just allow yourself this one indulgence. I mean it…s l o w d o w n and take it in. This world is absolutely gorgeous.

Mandy (my BFF for the next 28 days) says, “Breathing with intention calms you, giving you more presence as well as far more personal power. Even simple awareness of your breath, particularly the space between the inhale and the exhale (and vice-versa), reconnects you with your center.”

So, with that in mind…I’m off to journal and finish my work for tonight…but not before my gratitude list…

1. cool weather in June…makes the classroom temperature more tolerable and the students more productive

2. my nightly routine of exercise, blogging, and journaling…me time!

3. my egg white and turkey sausage breakfast sandwich…it’s delicious and I love it so much I eat it every single morning…YUMMY!

4. my bed – it’s like sleeping on a cloud

5. both positive and challenging interactions with students – I learn so much from both. I learn about myself and I learn so much about teaching and getting “dialed in” to what my students need from me

That does it for today. I hope you are enjoying my journey and maybe even inspired to begin a journey of your own.


Day 6 will be upon us before we know it!


Day 5

Today was a really good one…

I started my day with my Sunday morning yoga class…I call it church. Because, for me, it is. It is my time to breathe, move and be moved, and connect with the world around me. Today’s class was amazing. We learned a couple of new poses, and there was just something magic in that studio today. I left feeling grounded, strong, and ready to conquer my day and this week! It was the cathartic experience I needed.

I could have stopped there. Yoga in a heated room (I go to Breathe Yoga in Greece, NY) is a challenge and it is a great workout. But…I’m on Day 5 of my Yogalosophy program, and since I’ve decided to pause on Zumba days (listening to my body…one key component of this program), I didn’t want to pause twice a week.

I’m glad I didn’t. Today’s workout was a series of toning exercises. It was challenging, I sweated my face off, and I am so glad that I pushed myself and completed the workout. I am really learning about how strong I am and how fun it is to push myself and challenge boundaries I didn’t even know I had set.

Before I end tonight…still have to journal and get some reading in…it’s time for my gratitude list.

Today I am grateful for:
1. Sunday yoga classes
2. Learning new poses
3. Breakthroughs
4. Brussels sprouts gratin…a new veggie dish and a winner!
5. A boxer who thinks she’s a lap dog
6. Steaming cups of peppermint tea
7. My enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented fitness instructors…Shelley and Carin
8. Breezy days
9. Cuddling with my Boston Terrier boy Carter
10. Knowing that great friends are no more than a text message away!

Five days in the books…I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

Day 4

Even though its late, I didn’t let myself of the hook for my yogalosophy workout. We got home just a bit ago from visiting with friends, and it would have been easy do change into cozy pjs and pass out…and I didn’t. I changed into yoga clothes and made my way through today’s poses. I feel very proud of myself for powering through!

Today’s work was about gratitude. I know, for certain, that when you look at the world through a lens of gratitude, the world is a bigger and brighter place. From here on out, I am takes with creating a daily gratitude list as part of my work. I will be posting my gratitude lists as part of my blogs as well. I strongly believe that it is gratitude that creates opportunities and helps the world to be a little less stressful.

So here goes…
Today I am grateful for:
1. Time spent with great friends
2. Allergy medicine…I would be the girl in a bubble without it!
3. Green beans with gremolata…an Ina Garten recipe that is amazing!!!
4. Magazines that inspire me…Today it’s Where Women Cook…a treat for myself!
5. Fun (and cheap) jewelry…because it makes me happy
6. Rain showers and thunderstorms…beautiful sounds that soothe me
7. Play sparring with my hubby…fun, funny, and playful
8. My doggies…the most amazing sources of unconditional love
9. Sleeping in…indulgent and refreshing
10. Hugs – so simple an so sweet!

There you have it…day 4 Is in the books!

Tomorrow…yoga class aka “church”! I cannot wait to et in the studio and sweat it out on the mat!

Day 3

The good news…I made it through my Day 3 yoga sequence. It was exactly what I needed to help me ease into the weekend. I feel grounded, strong, and relaxed.

The bad news…I ate a really junky dinner – really junky…fried foods. So junky.

More good news, I realized that I would have been happier with a meal that was fresh, healthy, and full of natural flavor. In that way, the junk splurge was worth it…my attitude toward food and my approach to selecting meals is changing. This is very good news!

My daily workout is done, I’m about to hit publish on this blog, and my smash book journaling is done too. Time to curl up with a good book and relax my way into the weekend!

A Hiatus Already…What?!?!

Not really.

Don’t panic.

I just decided to put my Yogalosophy Day 3 on hold because it is Thursday, and Thursday is Zumba night.

Could I have done my Zumba class and my Yogalosophy workout? In theory, perhaps. Had I done this, though, I believe that I would be posting tomorrow night’s blog from a tub filled with ice…or a hospital bed.

I do not want either of these things for myself, especially since I just spent 10 days recovering from a concussion.

Zumba class is fast-paced, challenging, packed with great music and dances, and FUN. On Thursdays, I’ll walk away from the numbered days in the Yogalosophy program, go dance my face off at Zumba class, and return to my program on Friday.

So…today’s recap…
-Ate in moderation
-drank lots of water and managed to stay hydrated in my 86 degree classroom (super fun with high school kids who can see summer vacation on the horizon…😋)
-had a great Post-concussion return to Zumba

All in all…success!

Day 2

I feel really good today. My workout is complete. My “mind work” is done…today is all about living day to day, setting short term, reachable goals (How many lofty and unreachable goal have we all sabotaged ourselves with?!), and creating a vision board full of words and images that inspire me and speak to me.

So…my goal is very simple…to stay in each day, each moment and enjoy every single step in this journey. Sounds easy, right? For me, the perpetual planner and list maker…a HUGE challenge. Cultivating a yoga practice is helping with this. I am constantly reminding myself to breathe, believe, and receive the positive that surrounds me.

Food wise…today has been good. I’m focusing on keeping my portions in check and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. I am, however, a person who will not deny myself an indulgence. I’ve learned that if I indulge my craving in a moderate way, I satisfy the craving and don’t wreck my progress.

So…all in all…I declare today a success!

A peek at my vision board (pages)…

Day One…

Day one’s beginning was a little rough…

I didn’t sleep well last night, and the morning was ROUGH.

But…I recovered.

I ate mindfully and in moderation…well…except for those four double stuff Oreos that spoke to me. (I hate it when they do that!)

I did my first Yogalosophy workout. With friends. After a busy day of teaching English to high school students who have already begun summer vacation in their minds. If you think this is easy, I dare you to try it…really…I DARE you! On a more serious note, I am thankful for the friends who work out with me each Tuesday. It keeps me focused and forces me to carve out this important time for myself. It motivates me to continue, and, quite honestly prevents me from opting out. It is a time I have come to enjoy and value.

Later, I worked in my journal.


Today’s work – Set Intention – or what Mandy Ingber calls “Name It to Claim It”

I wanted my intention to be something I can work on and toward each day of this 28 day journey. I also wanted it to be something that is both about me, and s

omething that reaches beyond me.

I came up with this…

For the next 28 days, it is my intention to make healthy choices in order to enhance the quality of my life, and to share my experiences with others, and perhaps, inspire those around me to do the same.

I’m excited about this journey.  It feels like the right path for me, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!