Finding Myself in My Art…Journal

I’ve always been a journal keeper, a writer. I have notebooks, both filled and partially filled, that go back for years. I’ve had periods when I journaled almost religiously, and others that were more sporadic.

Until recently, my journals were all about words. Narratives about my days, my hopes, my heartbreaks, my triumphs and failures.

In January, I participated in a 30 day art journaling challenge created by artist and author Lisa Sonora Beam. This work challenged me to combine my words with images. It was both uncomfortable and amazing.

I have never really considered myself an artist…and I’m not so sure that I would call myself that now, either. Journaling using art as another method for communicating my ideas has stretched my self-imposed limits. It has helped me to slow down, experiment, accept mistakes and failures as growth opportunities, and uncover some previously untapped insight and joy.

This hobby has a meditative quality about it. When it’s me, my journal, and my art supplies, the rest of the world just seems to float away. I’ve even started a Facebook community focused on working our way through 365 prompts called Inspiration 365. I’m connecting with artists both experienced and not, and through this hobby I am finding more opportunities to focus on the magic of my days.

It is a magically restorative indulgence, this new hobby, and one that is helping me to seek out and savor the magic of my extraordinarily ordinary days.




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