Listening to my Body

One of the goals of this journey is to listen to my body when it is sending me messages. Not my brain…that often tells me to skip a workout and is a very talented at manufacturing excuses…my body. I have a history of pushing to the point of exhaustion. I get frantic, frazzled, and, inevitably, I get hurt in some way that takes me out of the game for longer than if I had just listened to my body in the first place.

So…today I am listening. I am tired and sore. I’ll do the Day 7 workout tomorrow. And, I know I’ll be better able to work hard because I took this day to rest.

Although I chose to postpone yogalosophy for a day, I still leashed up the pups, grabbed the hubby, and took a stroll in this beautifully cool June evening air. It felt refreshing to be outside in the sun and breathing deep in the spring air. The world is a beautiful place and tonight’s walk helped to remind me of that often overlooked and sometimes difficult to see (amid life’s challenges) fact.

I’ll be back tomorrow. The goal tonight is some time with a good book, a hot cup of peppermint tea, and a little bit of journaling to keep the creativity flowing!


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