Day 5

Today was a really good one…

I started my day with my Sunday morning yoga class…I call it church. Because, for me, it is. It is my time to breathe, move and be moved, and connect with the world around me. Today’s class was amazing. We learned a couple of new poses, and there was just something magic in that studio today. I left feeling grounded, strong, and ready to conquer my day and this week! It was the cathartic experience I needed.

I could have stopped there. Yoga in a heated room (I go to Breathe Yoga in Greece, NY) is a challenge and it is a great workout. But…I’m on Day 5 of my Yogalosophy program, and since I’ve decided to pause on Zumba days (listening to my body…one key component of this program), I didn’t want to pause twice a week.

I’m glad I didn’t. Today’s workout was a series of toning exercises. It was challenging, I sweated my face off, and I am so glad that I pushed myself and completed the workout. I am really learning about how strong I am and how fun it is to push myself and challenge boundaries I didn’t even know I had set.

Before I end tonight…still have to journal and get some reading in…it’s time for my gratitude list.

Today I am grateful for:
1. Sunday yoga classes
2. Learning new poses
3. Breakthroughs
4. Brussels sprouts gratin…a new veggie dish and a winner!
5. A boxer who thinks she’s a lap dog
6. Steaming cups of peppermint tea
7. My enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented fitness instructors…Shelley and Carin
8. Breezy days
9. Cuddling with my Boston Terrier boy Carter
10. Knowing that great friends are no more than a text message away!

Five days in the books…I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!


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