Day 4

Even though its late, I didn’t let myself of the hook for my yogalosophy workout. We got home just a bit ago from visiting with friends, and it would have been easy do change into cozy pjs and pass out…and I didn’t. I changed into yoga clothes and made my way through today’s poses. I feel very proud of myself for powering through!

Today’s work was about gratitude. I know, for certain, that when you look at the world through a lens of gratitude, the world is a bigger and brighter place. From here on out, I am takes with creating a daily gratitude list as part of my work. I will be posting my gratitude lists as part of my blogs as well. I strongly believe that it is gratitude that creates opportunities and helps the world to be a little less stressful.

So here goes…
Today I am grateful for:
1. Time spent with great friends
2. Allergy medicine…I would be the girl in a bubble without it!
3. Green beans with gremolata…an Ina Garten recipe that is amazing!!!
4. Magazines that inspire me…Today it’s Where Women Cook…a treat for myself!
5. Fun (and cheap) jewelry…because it makes me happy
6. Rain showers and thunderstorms…beautiful sounds that soothe me
7. Play sparring with my hubby…fun, funny, and playful
8. My doggies…the most amazing sources of unconditional love
9. Sleeping in…indulgent and refreshing
10. Hugs – so simple an so sweet!

There you have it…day 4 Is in the books!

Tomorrow…yoga class aka “church”! I cannot wait to et in the studio and sweat it out on the mat!


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