A Hiatus Already…What?!?!

Not really.

Don’t panic.

I just decided to put my Yogalosophy Day 3 on hold because it is Thursday, and Thursday is Zumba night.

Could I have done my Zumba class and my Yogalosophy workout? In theory, perhaps. Had I done this, though, I believe that I would be posting tomorrow night’s blog from a tub filled with ice…or a hospital bed.

I do not want either of these things for myself, especially since I just spent 10 days recovering from a concussion.

Zumba class is fast-paced, challenging, packed with great music and dances, and FUN. On Thursdays, I’ll walk away from the numbered days in the Yogalosophy program, go dance my face off at Zumba class, and return to my program on Friday.

So…today’s recap…
-Ate in moderation
-drank lots of water and managed to stay hydrated in my 86 degree classroom (super fun with high school kids who can see summer vacation on the horizon…šŸ˜‹)
-had a great Post-concussion return to Zumba

All in all…success!


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