Day 2

I feel really good today. My workout is complete. My “mind work” is done…today is all about living day to day, setting short term, reachable goals (How many lofty and unreachable goal have we all sabotaged ourselves with?!), and creating a vision board full of words and images that inspire me and speak to me.

So…my goal is very simple…to stay in each day, each moment and enjoy every single step in this journey. Sounds easy, right? For me, the perpetual planner and list maker…a HUGE challenge. Cultivating a yoga practice is helping with this. I am constantly reminding myself to breathe, believe, and receive the positive that surrounds me.

Food wise…today has been good. I’m focusing on keeping my portions in check and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. I am, however, a person who will not deny myself an indulgence. I’ve learned that if I indulge my craving in a moderate way, I satisfy the craving and don’t wreck my progress.

So…all in all…I declare today a success!

A peek at my vision board (pages)…


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