The Journey

Tonight I put myself and my world in order so that I can start (again) on this 28 day yogalosophy journey. Barring any unforeseen concussions or other injuries, I’ll be blogging my way through it.

I’ll also be journaling. I’ve always kept journals. They have been the places where I’ve been able to express myself when doing so verbally just isn’t an option. My journals have helped me focus on some of the best things in my life, and the act of mindful writing has helped me process many of my most difficult moments.

For this journey, my journal is a Smash Book…it’s part scrap book, part journal. I will, occasionally, share the pages I create/write. For today, here’s the cover…


The flower pattern was already on the cover…I just colored to enhance it and make the book mine. It’s funny…I forgot how much coloring relaxes me. I think that if we all colored when we are mad, stressed, or frustrated, we’d relax a lot more quickly, and with create a lot less havoc!

So, I begin the workouts and the (almost) clean eating (again) tomorrow…I’m excited about the next 28 days and the changes that will (hopefully) come with them!


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