After being so darn inspiring that I lit a fire under my own behind with last night’s post, today I had a bit of a set back. Nothing major…but certainly a stumble has occurred.

You see, last Thursday night, I sustained a concussion. My 100 lb boxer playfully head butted me and knocked me out.

After 5 hours in urgent care and an ER, I was discharged with concussion care instructions and sent on my merry (and very dizzy) way.

I spent most of the weekend following doctor’s orders…as much as it drove me crazy, I relaxed and rested. I read two books, watched some TV, and took many glorious naps.

Today, after a weekend of resting, I returned to work – teaching English to students in grades 9, 10, and 11. Much of the day was good, but I had a pretty rough headache show up, and the dizzy/fuzzy feeling also returned…sure signs that I was pushing myself too far, too fast. This also isn’t my first concussion…by my count, it’s more like #5. I know that pushing too hard before my body is ready will just cause more damage and make my recovery time that much longer. It is for this reason that I will be waiting to embark on the exercise and mind work components of the Yogalosophy program.

I can, however, begin somewhere. That somewhere, for me, starts with more mindful eating. I am, to the best of my ability, following Mandy’s eating plan. In the cases/times when I cannot, I am making comparable substitutes. Today was Day #1 of food modification.

I did pretty well today. I stuck to the plan, except for a handful of bagel chips, and my 135 calorie mock Wendy’s frosty (a sweet substitute for ice cream on a really hot day). Today’s mindful eating was my best day (by a long shot) in a long time.

While I’m waiting to get my head back together, my posts will focus on the cleaner eating component of my journey. I know that when I eat better, I feel better. I need, now, to live it on a daily and more consistent basis!

Will check in tomorrow…

My sweet and thick skulled baby, Isabella…


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