A New Journey…28 Days of (Almost) Clean Eating and Yoga

I’ve been floundering.

I’ve needed to make changes for a very long time.

I had gotten away from my sensible and moderate eating – my general 80/20 rule.

I let life get busy, and I stopped reserving “me” time to keep up with the workouts that had fueled both my energy and my creativity.

I fell out of love with Zumba…both because it had become a competitive endeavor (in my own crazy head), and because a knee injury prevented me from truly being able to move the way I always had.  The love came back…once my frustration wore off.

I stopped cooking and baking…stopped experimenting in the kitchen.

I let myself get run down.

And then…

I found my yoga DVDs.

And I remembered how restorative yoga can be. I remembered how it is equal parts therapy and exercise.

And after that…

A yoga studio opened in my area.

A yoga studio that I now look forward to visiting every Sunday for what I now call “church”. A studio that feels warm, inviting, and welcoming.

A place where I’ve felt a sense of belonging ever since the day I walked in the door about a month ago.

A place that is quickly becoming a home. One where I have started working with a gifted teacher who is helping me to cultivate a yoga practice, not just a yoga workout.

And finally…

I found Yogalosophy.


And with Yogalosophy comes Mandy Ingber.  I found her Yogalosophy DVD before I found this book, but both are my primary tools for the next 28 days.  Here’s the thing about Mandy, she trains A-List celebs…Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Helen Hunt….and I can say that she’s also training me. Granted, she’s not coming to my house, but unlike many fitness gurus, she is available to her followers.  What I’ve found (through a growing Twitter addiction), is that Mandy is 100% willing to put her time into her fans.  In preparing to move through these 28 days, I’ve sent her many questions(most recently about getting back to yoga after sustaining a concussion), and she has answered (and thoughtfully so) every single one.  That connection, no matter how seemingly superficial has served as a great motivator. She is funny, insightful, and invested in making the lives of women better.

My next 28 days…yoga, mindful and (almost) clean eating, and focused attention on finding ME again.

One huge part of the next 28 days will be, not only the commitment to this program, but my commitment to blogging my way through it.

Stay tuned, join in… you might even find the inspiration to begin your own journey.

Tomorrow is Day #1…and I can’t wait!


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