Something Simple…and Delicious

One of the go-to meal options in our house is breakfast, and one of my hubby’s favorites is steak and eggs.  The steak and eggs part is pretty simple.  We go with super thin strip steaks and over-easy eggs, but I cannot live without home fries when we’re having this meal.  Home fries can be something of a pain in the back side.  If you use raw potatoes, they often burn on the outside before they are cooked through.  If you parboil them, it’s very easy to let the potato go too long and then your home fries will be mealy in texture…doesn’t that just sound bad…mealy….YUCK!

My method is super simple and virtually fool-proof.  If you’re a homefry junkie like me, but you never make them at home because you don’t know how or can never get them right, try this out.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be successful!

First, you’ll need one potato per person.  I usually use russets because that’s what we always have on hand.  You will have the most luck with a baking potato, so I would go russet or Yukon gold.  Wash and scrub your spuds and poke holes or cut slits in them.

Put your potatoes in the microwave and set for 3-4 minutes (for 2 potatoes).  You want them to be tender to the touch, but not completely done like a baked potato…the flesh should have some give, but not me mush.

Next, cut the potato in half and then proceed to cube to your desired size.  Just be sure that you make sure your pieces are similar in size…otherwise, you’ll get uneven cooking.

This one is a bit of a fast forward, but I wanted to show the size when cut…we’ll get to the pan and seasoning in just a minute…


After you’ve cubed the potatoes, you need to gather these ingredients….olive oil, butter, and your favorite seasoning blend…


I tend to use a tablespoon of butter per potato as a general rule.  Next, you’ll need to grab a skillet and heat to medium high.  Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil per potato along with your butter.  Let the oil heat up and the butter melt.

Once the butter melts, add your potatoes and sprinkle seasoning and toss to coat.  Use as much or as little seasoning as you wish.  You may want to go easy now and taste as they reach done and add if necessary just before finishing them.  You can always add, you cannot, however, take away…

Next is the only hard part.  You have to, no matter how hard it is, avoid playing with these and mixing and flipping too much.  You want them to get nice and brown.  The only way to really make sure this happens is to leave them alone!  Let them cook for about five minutes, then check them.  If they are appropriately browned when you check them, then flip them and stir them.  If they are not, let them go longer.  I usually know by smell…the seasoning gets really fragrant.  Trust your nose…it knows.

You’re going for something like this…

When they’re browned to your liking, they’re done!  Once in a while, I have to add a bit more butter to the pan if it looks like the potatoes are drying out or not browning and moving along.  You could also add diced peppers and onions to this.

Or, if you’re like me, you can add them to a gorgeous plate of steak and eggs…

Yummmmmm….and so easy!!!!


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