Dinner Staples

I’ve recently started keeping track of what we have for dinner each night in one of the notebooks I carry with me.  I know we have some staple foods that are consistently delicious (or easy) and often our go-to when we can’t come up with anything new to try, and I think this is pretty common…right?  It seems, in talking with others, that every person and/or family has a handful of foolproof, simple, and delicious go-to meals that get them through the busy nights, the lazy nights, or the plain old I just don’t know what in the world I want for dinner nights.

For us, although it varies by season, our routine goes something like this…grilled chicken, burgers, pork, breakfast foods, and an occasional grilled cheese.  I find myself always on the lookout for new ideas to add to the rotation.  I love to experiment with new foods, and I love, when time permits, to try new recipes that are even a little fancy or fussy.  But it’s the staples, the one-pot wonders or quick cooking phenoms that I go to time and again.

Last week’s menu was full of some of our staples…

Monday – Grilled chicken wings (over charcoal…the only way to grill your wings, in my humble opinion) and coleslaw

Tuesday – BLTs, a handful of potato chips, more slaw

Wednesday – Steak for the hubby, Steak Caesar for me (a nice departure from chicken)

Thursday -Bleu Cheese Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

Friday – Hot Dogs & Sweet Potato Fries (I’m currently in love with these fries, people!)

Saturday – Chiavetta’s marinated bone-in chicken breasts (grilled) & pasta salad made with whole grain pasta and lots of veggies

Sunday – (Don’t laugh too hard…) Grilled wings (Yep, again…but we did have company for dinner and wanted to share the glory of these wings and our new grill), Ribs, and more of the pasta salad

So…I’m wondering…what are your family’s staples?  What is your go-to, always delicious, easy to make and get on the table meal(s)?  Share, please!!!!


One thought on “Dinner Staples

  1. I’ll play! We almost always have meatballs and roasted brussels sprouts and bacon on hand for snacks! In the dinner rotation are things like crock pot chicken, taco salad, creamy curry roast beef, pork chops, pancakes and sausage.

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