Finding My Way

One of the struggles I’ve been having in this world of blogging is finding MY way.  I want my blog to be an expression of me, not one that is patterned after so many of the (wonderful) blogs out there.  I want to spend a great deal of my blogging time writing about the foods I cook and bake in my kitchen, but I also find so many other activities to be interesting and important.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see me spreading my wings a bit and throwing a wide variety of posts your way.  Many will still be about food and cooking, but be on the lookout for a few about exercise and fitness and outdoor activities.  I’ll also be posting about the progress of our garden throughout the season….we planted tomatoes and peppers this weekend, and are looking forward to the day in the near future when we can harvest and eat our sugar snap peas.

In addition to the above topics, I’ve been working on a bit of a project that could (fingers crossed) turn into a business venture.  I’m currently learning about what it will take to be “official” and also working to build a portfolio to share with prospective customers.

Here’s a preview…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are these?  Very briefly…party favors…(think wedding, showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.) that are my super special, top-secret handmade marshmallows.  I can fill them, rim them in sugar, tint them, put them on a lollipop stick, cut them out with cookie cutters, flavor them to near infinity….you name it.

Recently, I did these for a friend’s baby shower…


As my blog continues to grow and evolve, let me know what you think!  I’m feeling energized and invigorated, and ready to bring lots of new posts and ideas your way!


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