Time to Get Crafty…

I recently found myself in a bit of a conundrum.  I realized that I spent decent money on a good DSLR camera and didn’t have it with me unless I was cooking or baking at home and thinking about the posts I wanted to write for my blog.  I haven’t been carrying it with me because doing so means that I’m carrying a purse and a camera bag, and who knows what else depending on where I am and what I’m doing.  In the end, I was looking like a bag lady, and the bag for my camera wasn’t even cute!  (Yes, the lack of a cute bag is the ultimate tragedy in all of this!)

I’ve spent hours online looking for cute camera bags that could double as a purse, or at the very least, allow me to toss my wallet and anything else I might need in as well.  It’s not that I didn’t find them.  I did.  Cute, spacious camera bags DO exist, but these cute, spacious camera bags are not cheap!  I’ve found dozens that I love, but not one that I was willing to pay for.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  It finally dawned on me that I could probably figure out how I could make a camera bag of my own.  Exactly one short Google search later, I struck DIY gold.  I immediately found Easie Peasie’s blog and post called “Make your own CUTE Camera Bag!”.  I had a brief screaming and dancing with joy moment, and then I began gathering my materials so I too could make my own cute camera bag.

It went something like this…

First, I found a bag that I thought would work.  For me, it was a Vera Bradley bag that I haven’t been using, but still love.  Yes, I am part of the cult of Vera Bradley.  I love the bags.  They are practical, adorable, and…washable.   You can’t do that with a leather bag, and believe me, washable bags were made with me in mind!

Next, I found my padding.  Easie Peasie’s tutorial recommended using cardboard and quilt batting.  Those materials would work well, but when scouring my house for the other materials, I came across an old laptop bag that I will never again use, and it was constructed with foam padding that would be perfect.  So, I cut the foam padding out of the bag, and measured my purse.  You have to be sure to measure the bottom, and all four sides (2 long, 2 short).  Once I had my measurements, I cut my padding. I also cut a piece that I will use to create a separate compartment for an extra lens (the same width as my short sides and a little shorter).

After your sides are cut, you need to figure out a covering for them.  I went into my fabric drawer and selected two fat quarters (18×22 in) of quilt fabric that I’ve had stored away forever.  I picked a fabric that I thought would, at the very least, not compete with  my vibrant Vera pattern.  I cut the fabric so that I could cover each piece and went to work with my hot glue gun — you don’t even have to sew anything…but you can if you want to be all fancy.  Sorry for the lack of process pictures here, but I figured not burning myself with hot glue or inadvertently covering my camera with it was a better choice.  So…just cover your foam with your fabric and use the hot glue to wrap it up tight.

Once you have all of your foam pieces covered, line your bag with the pieces and you have a new, cute camera bag!

This was super easy.  I was done and cleaned up in well under an hour, and now I gave a Vera bag I wasn’t using a new life and I have a camera bag that can double as a purse any time I want to take it with me!  I love this project because I was able to use materials that I had on hand AND it was not fussy in any way!  There is no craft project more perfect than that!


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