A Glimpse of My Process

I’ve taken some time off from my blog both because I’ve been busy and
feeling a little all over the place, but also because I’ve really needed some time to focus, regroup, and get out of my routine. In order to be continually creative, I think breaks like this are absolutely necessary. You just can’t be ON all time.

I did get time to sketch out and, literally, write down the post ideas that have been swimming around and fighting for attention in my head. If only I had done that sooner… It makes me a little sad to think about the posts that could have been if only I had thought to do what I tell my Creative Writing students is essential – keep a journal. You need a place to store your ideas and inspiration. Sometimes the ideas show up from nowhere and at unexpected or inconvenient moments, while at other times you get a rush of ideas and need a place to organize them.

I tend to prescribe to this belief in my “regular” life as well. I am never without a notebook nearby while at work, and there is always one in whatever bag I’m lugging around with me. My notebooks travel with me wherever I go and I use them for everything…a storage place for ideas, a place to vent when I just need to get something off my chest, recipes I’d like to try and/or recreate, or even a place to tuck pictures, inspirational quotations, and lists of every variety. I am, at my core, a list girl. I make a to do list for each day, I make lists of books I want to read, and I make lists of kitchen gadgets and equipment I want to buy and try.

So…why am I writing a post that seems to have nothing to do with cooking and baking? Because this blog is not only about what I do in the kitchen, it’s also about how I write and where my ideas come from. Writing this blog, and writing in general is a process. It’s not, as so many believe, a one-shot deal. When you make the commitment to write for an audience, you accept a certain amount of responsibility, and for me, that means also writing about how I get to my finished product…the posts you all have been reading.

It starts with an idea, often just a hint of an idea, and from there begins the journey, through drafting, kitchen and writing experimentation, photographing, and playing with word choice, text order and photo placement. It really is a process, but one I love. I learn about myself as a writer, cook, baker, amateur photographer, and fledgling blogger with each post I publish.

I hope the final products are entertaining and informative…and I hope each posts encourages you, my readers to continue to visit. Finally, I hope this brief look at my process helps you see just how much this little blog is a labor of love.



A look at my blog journal…the place where my ideas accumulate, get developed, and organized….(In my last draft of this post I had written a much more witty caption…somehow I lost it, so you’re stuck with this!…but you get the point!)


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of My Process

  1. Your recent post came across on my phone last night and I had to chuckle. I do follow your blog regularly and check in on various others as well. I have kicked the idea of starting a blog of my own around for years. Yesterday, I told my family all about my idea and I began researching blog platforms etc. in earnest. Two of my biggest concerns are making the time to write and organizing my thoughts. I even took some time yesterday to choose a notebook (from my vast collection) to jot down ideas for posts. Now for the time and most of all…the courage!

    I am a big believer in serendipity, so your post was a fitting sign on a day that was basically consumed by thoughts of blogging. How strange is that?

    Thanks again for your inspirational and timely post!

    • Hi Meredith! I wish you all the best in launching a blog of your own and I really hope you find the time and courage to do it! I assure you that you will have at least one faithful reader in me!!! Let me know if I can help in any way!!

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