My Baking Dream

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I really would love to chase a dream that’s been coming together in my head for quite awhile. I have no real idea how to make my dream of creating a baking business, particularly a cookie and confections business, become a reality.

I know that I’m happiest when I’m in an the kitchen trying a new recipe or perfecting a tried-and-true standby. I love nothing more than seeing the joy on the faces of those I bake for. I am driven to create the best baked goods with the best ingredients I can find. I also know that the teacher in me would love to teach others how to create delicious and wholesome desserts that when enjoyed, in moderation…of course, can bring people together and help to brighten a dark day.

So this is where I reach out to you, my readers, for you to share any of your know-how…does anyone out there have any suggestions about where to begin? I finally feel ready to take real steps forward and figure out how to do something I truly love.

Advice, suggestions, and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! I’m excited about this prospect and hopeful that I can find a way to move forward and share my cookies and sweets with the world!…or at least some prospective happy customers!



3 thoughts on “My Baking Dream

  1. Hey there! Still enjoying your post and my hope is that even if you choose to pursue your dream, you continue to write here!

    I’m not sure exactly where you hail from but in this area there are many organizations whose mission it is to get new business’ off their feet. A good place to start is with the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Business Development Center. Ask them if they offer classes to new business hopefuls. You can also check with local colleges to see if they offer micro-business classes. These are sometimes funded (in part) by the state. These programs are designed to help entrepreneurs research market potential, write a business plan etc. which in turn creates jobs and tax revenue (thus the reason for partial state funding). Good stuff! I strongly encourage you to seek out help!

    I am aware of at least one business in Buffalo or Rochester that has a similar theme to that which you are aspiring. I believe that they have a bakery store front and also provide classes. I have never been there but I know a couple that has and they LOVED it. Great concept! I will find out the name of it and post it here at some point.

    Well, my banana bread smells like it’s ready to come out of the oven so I better get flying! Best wishes to you in fulfilling your dream…AND keep writing!

    • Meredith…I know it has been awhile since you commented, but I wanted to thank you for your comments and suggestions! They have been so helpful in creating a game plan and keeping me focused on what it is I really would love to do!

      I have lots of new posts coming and am so thankful to know that I have a faithful reader in you! Thanks again!

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