Fall Baking…Cider Doughnuts and a New Toy

It feels like forever since my last post.  My unintended hiatus was more the product of getting side tracked by lots of fall cooking and baking, and sheer exhaustion from my real job — high school English teacher.  Because I drive over an hour to get to work each day, my day starts much earlier than I’d like it to.  By the time I get home, I’m just looking for a way to get through dinner quickly, fit in a quick workout, and find my way to whatever book I’m reading and my comfy bed as soon as I can. However, now that my right foot is in a boot due to a possible stress fracture, lots of time just opened up for me to catch up on the posts that have been simmering on the back burner — pun definitely intended!

My weekends, however, have been much more fun and food filled.  A few weeks ago, while out shopping on a Sunday, my mother-in-law and I found this…(prepare for heavenly voices to sing out with joy)

This, my friends, is a mini doughnut maker.  We found this gorgeous little baby at Target and boy have we put her to work!  I’ll be the first to admit…I have a soft spot for doughnuts.  Especially when accompanied by fresh pressed apple cider.   Cinnamon sugar fry cakes and apple cider are two of the best things about fall.  Until now…

Now it’s all about cinnamon sugar baked cake donuts from this marvel of modern technology.

I made a mistake when reading the directions for use, and thought it said that I was only supposed to use 1 teaspoon of batter in each of the 7 wells.  The real amount each well can accommodate is 1 Tablespoon.  I count this as a fortuitous mistake in the long run.  One teaspoon of batter is plenty to give you a perfect one-bite donut.  The pictures that follow are my cider donut recipe – with apple cider and apple pie spice among the ingredients.  The finished product is brushed with melted butter and coated with cinnamon sugar.  PERFECTION…


The donuts only take about 5 minutes to bake, and before you know it, you have amazing, healthier donuts.

Post butter, post cinnamon sugar…pre meeting with my face!  You have no idea how delectable these are!

These are irresistible.  And at only 1 teaspoon of batter a piece AND being baked rather than fried, you can have a few with no guilt.  If you aren’t a ridiculous sucker for kitchen gadgets and small appliances like me, you can bake the batter in a mini or standard muffin pan and then just brush the tops with butter and dip in the cinnamon sugar.  I also have an actual doughnut pan packed away somewhere in my storage unit that would work as well.

So…without further adieu…

Baked Cider Doughnuts

1 c. flour

1/2 c. sugar

1 T. baking powder

1 egg

1/2 c. apple cider

1/2 t. vanilla

1 t. apple pie spice (or cinnamon if you don’t have the pie spice)

4 T. vegetable oil

Stir dry ingredients together.  Add egg, vanilla, and cider and beat 1 minute with electric mixer or vigorously by hand.  Add oil and continue to beat 1 minute more.

That’s it…once mixed, the batter is ready to go.


If you decide to bake these in the oven, I’d go with a 350 oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.  Check with a toothpick and make sure they’re done.

Brush with melted butter and dredge in cinnamon sugar…(1 c. sugar  + 1/2 T. cinnamon – or to your taste).  Then…enjoy!



Sorry doughnut chains, my baby Bella is in town.  We’re exclusive now and I’m never going back!


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