An Indulgence






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I recently upgraded to a new camera and I cannot put it down!  This camera was a huge upgrade for me, and an indulgence I’ve been saving for for months.  I haven’t even wanted to edit any of my photos yet, because the difference between those from my old camera and the photos from my new one is insane.  When I finally get my hands on editing software, I think it will be a challenge to get me away from my camera and my laptop!

Knowing that I have this camera to shoot with has made me even more excited to get in the kitchen and cook like crazy.  I’ve been baking pies, cooking delicious dinners (and looking forward to cooking even after my hour-long drive home from work), and making and canning salsa and tomato sauce.  I also threw in doing the cooking and serving at the wedding reception of my friends Mike and Jim.  It has been a busy September, but one that has reinforced why I love cooking, taking photos of the results, and writing about my kitchen capers.

As I organize my thoughts and my recipes today, and figure out which of them I’d like to post in longer form, I’d like to leave my 3.5 readers with a gallery of my favorite September photos from the new camera…which, needs a name now that I think of it.   For those of you who are curious, I upgraded from a Sony Cybershot to a Canon Rebel T3.  I cannot wait for some gorgeous, clear fall weather to arrive so I can get out and take pictures of the changing colors of the western New York countryside that some of us are so blessed to experience year after year.


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