Back To School

Yep, that’s right.  This week I went back to school.  Back to the reality of a job and 10 months from the relaxation of summer.  As much as I love my summer down time, this is a good thing.  I’m a schedule person.  My professional life is kind of Pavlovian — my day is measured by bells…in a high school.  When one bell rings, I begin.  When another bell rings, I end.  The bells become my daily mileposts.  Without them, I lose my bearings.

The beginning of the school year puts me on a professional schedule AND  a personal one.  It also will give me a more defined schedule for blog posts.  For the most part, the only time I’ll get to cook and bake AND take pictures of it all and then send it along to my three readers (48 on my record day…hehehe), will, for the most part, be on the weekends. So please, check back on the weekends and there should be something new for you to read and consider making all by yourself!

I did do some baking this weekend.  I tried out a new pie recipe, complete with a from-scratch butter crust, BUT my camera is sitting in my desk at school and I didn’t take any pictures while I was working.  I loved the pie recipe and method so much that I’ll be doing it again very soon, so stay tuned!

As we head into fall, we’re all a little more willing to spend time in the kitchen making warm, cozy, comforting foods.  It is, by far, my favorite season and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite fall recipes with you in the coming weeks!


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