In Transition

Today, I come to you from my couch while taking a break from one of my LEAST favorite activities on the planet.  We are moving.  I consider myself a relatively easy-going person, but this move is driving me positively batty.  Since we’re moving into a space that’s smaller than where we are now, I’m having to make a lot of decisions about our possessions.  Everything gets assessed for placement in one of three piles — storage unit bound, living space bound, or yard sale/donation bound.  I started out really well…and now…I’m sitting on the couch.  Granted, I am waiting for my lunch to finish cooking, but still.  I’ve reached the point of overwhelmed.

I’m having a moment.  I can SEE that I’ve made progress.  I certainly KNOW how much I’ve carried out of this house (believe me…my sore and tired body would agree).  I just feel like I’m drowning in stuff.  No matter how much I pack to store, choose to sell/donate, or send to the new living space, I feel like what we have here keeps multiplying and expanding.  So, in order to prevent complete meltdown, the teacher in me has to step in and look for the lessons in all of this.  I know I have learned plenty of lessons living in this house.  I’ve learned about sharing a home with my husband, living at the mercy of the schedules and needs of others, and most importantly, I’ve learned about the importance of making where you live your HOME.  In this house, I’ve also learned about knowing when it’s time to move on.  Which  brings us to where we are right now.

The process of packing and  moving is teaching me as well.  As cliché as it sounds, I’m really learning that the stuff in our house is really just stuff.  When the move is all done, the stuff we have with us doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that we have each other…and our three beautiful doggies.  For me, wherever we are as a group is our home.

In a practical sense, I’m also learning about costs and cost savings when it comes to moving.  Do you have any idea how expensive moving boxes and supplies can be?  It is truly astonishing, and just about enough to make me angry!  To keep the costs at bay, we’ve found a local store that has given us all the boxes we need, and for more delicate possessions that are going into storage, I opted for plastic storage totes that stack perfectly and hold a ton.  Having a storage unit with some degree of space limitation has taught me the importance and use of labeling EVERYTHING.  Once labeled, I’ve been grouping stacks of boxes and totes by room.  This way, my kitchen stuff (by far my largest category) is in one spot, the stuff for the living room is all together, and so on.  Taking the time to try to be organized is keeping me sane right now.

Because our move deadline is not causing us to have to rush, I feel like this whole process is manageable.  My best advice for anyone who finds him or herself in this position is to pack and move one room at a time, and label, label, label.  The more organized you can be, the more happy you will be when it comes time to unpack and reorganize.  I’ve also learned that you have to be willing to part with possessions that are just taking up space and not really serving a purpose.  The more you focus on use, the less cluttered your life and your home will be.  Moving can be stressful, it can cause you to pick fights with people who are just trying to be helpful; it can make you an animal.  Take it from  me, you can’t let the move and the little things that are a part of it be your focus.  You have to, instead, focus on all of the positive things that will come as a result.  That’s certainly what I’ll be doing as I try to get my family through the next few weeks.

If I have time to cook and/or bake in the middle of this, I’ll definitely take the time to post.  If not, I will have my trusty camera by my side and I’ll do a few gallery posts — the garden will be begging for a tomato harvest soon!!!  I can’t wait to make salsa, bloody mary mix, and canned tomatoes for use in sauces and soups throughout the winter!  I also may do a zucchini relish post (if you like dill pickle relish, this is a post you won’t want to miss), if we get another surge of zucchini!

Life is full of adventures, for sure!  Stay tuned!!!


One thought on “In Transition

  1. Erin, It is a wonderful thing to be able to find the lessons or good things in the trying times of our life. It sounds as though you are finding a good place to be at least emotionally. Make sure you keep taking these time-outs to find your sanity and sharing it with us. Thank you 🙂

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