A Weekend Gallery

Today I’m playing with a new page format.  I had quite a few pictures from a weekend of harvesting, gathering, and canning.  My friend, Mike, and I had tons of zucchini from my father-in-law’s garden to work with, so we made two different batches of zucchini relish.  We also were able to harvest enough green and yellow beans from Mike’s garden to make a few jars of dilly beans (oooooh so delish).  We had three pickle cucumbers ready to use so we also made one jar of dill pickles.  And…after all that, we gathered wild blackberries from the bushes on Mike’s property, and I used them to make jam using my bread machine (Mavis has a jam cycle…what a girl!).  To round out the productive weekend, I used the basil I cut from Mike’s gigantic planter of basil to make, and then freeze pesto.


All in all, it was an awesome weekend doing the things I really love with a great friend!  I truly enjoy sharing kitchen space with others.  Mike and I have developed a rhythm when we work together.  We joke, we talk, we brainstorm future recipe ideas, and we laugh – sometimes hysterically.  Sometimes, we don’t talk at all and we just work.  It’s something that I truly enjoy and would be lost without.


I hope these pictures inspire you to be creative in your way.  If you’re a cook or a baker…take the time to get in the kitchen with someone whose company you truly enjoy.  No matter what your creative outlet, get out there and do it.  These summer days are perfect for exploring your creativity and sharing it with those you love most.


Happy Wednesday!  Now get out there and do something creative!


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