A Garden Tour

Instead of writing a post with another recipe, I thought I’d share some pictures I took while I was taking a walk through the garden yesterday.  One important detail to note…I cannot take responsibility for any piece of how amazing the plantings look.  Our garden (I use “our” like the royals use “we”) is at my in-laws’ house.  My father-in-law is an amazing gardener and has a HUGE area of his back yard that’s devoted to garden space.  My role in the growing of anything is minimal at best.  I do, however, get the role of recipe creator and crop watcher.  I take a walk through the garden and pick the veggies that are ready (that were left behind by my father-in-law).

One other fun fact…many of our plants came from a good friend who, in his first year of retirement from a long and amazing teacher career, started many plants from seed — and he started them a wee bit earlier than he probably should have.  Several of our tomato plants came from him and now, said tomato plants are much taller than me (granted, I’m only 5’2″…but still).  It’s awesome to walk through the garden and get lost in the tomato plants…we have 40 of them…I will be neck deep in tomatoes in no time!

Without further delay…

Isabella...my boxer baby...she wanted to come along for the show

One more doggie pic…

Rocky...Izzy's partner in backyard fun crime

And now for the the good stuff from the garden…

Spaghetti Squash...we think....

Yellow Squash


Heirloom Tomatoes

Another tomato variety

And to end...the zucchini

I get so excited every time I walk through the garden.  I can’t wait to pick the next zucchini and find and create new ways to use it.  I am also looking forward to our gigantic tomato crop so I can make and can salsa and freeze and can tomatoes and sauce for use throughout the next year.  We’ll be freezing the peppers, and there should even be enough pickles and green beans to preserve as well.

I love having a garden because then I know where my ingredients are coming from and I know they’ve been grown without harmful pesticides.  I love having the freshest of veggies at my disposal throughout the growing season, and I especially love getting creative and trying new recipes with what we’ve grown.  This year’s garden also makes me look forward to next year’s possibilities.  I would really like to try growing our own lettuce, and who knows what else!

As we harvest our crops, I’ll be posting the recipes I create and/or find and I hope that any of you who read this blog will share your own ideas for using the veggies as well!  If you have any good recipes for using zucchini, tomatoes, yellow squash, and peppers…don’t hesitate to share!


2 thoughts on “A Garden Tour

  1. I am jealous of the heirloom tomatoes. They are on my list to try. I check them out in the seed catalogs every year. Love the new background!

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