A New Adventure…

I have big, big plans for this blog.  HUGE plans.  If only I could get started with a really great first post!  I’ve spent several weeks wracking my brain for the perfect title, deciding which platform to use to publish, and thinking about how I’d start.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to begin is to put my hands on the keyboard and just make my fingers MOVE!  So…where do I begin?

The name?  I wish I had a profound moment about which to report, but…I don’t.  Pink is my favorite color (yes, I am that girly).  Peppermint, on the other hand, is a bit more meaningful.  First and foremost, Peppermint was the nickname of my grandmother…who we recently lost.  In the 80s, she used the name for her own business.  It was a clothing store in a small town in Western NY — a store that carried clothing that, at the time, were very fashionable — all the BIG names in a tiny little town.  In fact, when the family was together recently, my aunt proclaimed that my cousin and I were the best dressed kindergarteners in our school.  It’s a fact.  We were…because of grandma and her fantastic fashion sense!  We were years ahead of our time and I have great pictures of AMAZING suede boots to prove it!

Peppermint has also become very important in my life.  It’s my favorite herb and one I love to pair with both sweet and savory dishes in my own kitchen.  I also spend time each night winding down with a soothing cup of peppermint tea.     It relaxes and centers me.   Something I need every single day.

Since a great deal of this blog will  be focused on my cooking and baking, I wanted to find a name that reflected my culinary sensibility AND provided a connection to my world.  Peppermint is an herb that carries symbolic meaning and is used in some incredibly practical ways…it both soothes and energizes.  In my daily life, I aim to do both for those I come in contact with.  I hope this blog can be a place that can do that as well.  Please visit often and let me know what you think as I add, experiment, and evolve.


8 thoughts on “A New Adventure…

  1. Love the name! Great introduction- keep up the good work. By the way- you certainly do soothe and energize those with whom you come in contact!

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